Karolína se na svém Instagramu pochlubila reportem o životě v bublině, který pro své fanoušky také zazpívala. Na kytaru ji doprovázel její kondiční trenér Jaroslav Blažek.

Ve své písni Kája zpívá o čekání na výsledek testu na Covid-19, o jeho úspěšném absolvování, o zapomnětlivosti s vyplněním dotazníku, ale především o štěstí, že může opět dělat to, co miluje, tedy hrát tenis. 

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How we shortening our time in between practises😄 @usopen @wta @adidastennis ——————————— Well here I though Before I go today to work I will write a short report About the bubble in NY✍🏻 was 3 days of calm Now I got bit stressed Waiting for the results Of my covid test👃🏼 Lets get some coffee Cuz I made it through Luckily there is just 20 people standing in a queue😭 On my way to the shuttle Where did I leave my brain? Forgot to fill out questionarie Like I do every day.✅ My god my god So many things to discuss But thats all right we still have like 2 hours In the bus🚌 its all good, all fine Lets be satisfied Even though we cant hang out And gotta stay inside We still can play and do what we love Might make us more unite It Might make us unite You never know🙋🏽‍♀️ Ashe’s stadium See the words of a wise man “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”.💪🏾 Feeling so blessed Its such a magical place now everyone wearing mask So I cant recognize one face😷 And no fans, not easy But when in the zone I can hear you clapping Right from your chair at home🙌🏿 Stands may be empty And its quite a contrast But US OPEN 2020 You still will be a blast😎 So thanks to all who’s watching n cheering for our sport We Starting on monday And its not gonna be short Have fun, enjoy y’all See you on the court.👋🏾

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